Participation Etihad Cargo ISC Sales Conference held at Mumbai
March 20, 2019


On invaitaion to attend Etihad Cargo ISC Sales Conference at Leela Hotel , Mumbai on 18-19 March organized by Etihad East Asia Regional team, Nepal Shipping team attended the program. Mr. Deepak Sundas, Cargo & Sales Manager for Etihad Cargo , Nepal division on behalf of company at the conference.


Major Agendas of the conference were:

i. Q1  Analysis , 2019 Budget Plan & Agenda Setup

ii. Pricing Presentation

iii. MAA & BLR Presentation & Discussion

iv. BOM Presentation & Discussion

v. GSA team country wise presentation

vi.  ISC strategy discussion for Q2-4

vii. Final Recording of opportunities and plans for each region

[Mr. Suleman nutoring the team or various countries of Asia during conference at Leela Hotel, Mumbai]

[Team Managers from various countries attending the program at Hotel Leela, Mumbai , Mr. Deepak Sundas representing Nepal Shipping , standing 2nd left side ]