Our Team

Nepal Shipping consists of experienced, dedicated and committed team members specialized in the Global Shipping of Air, Sea and Land transportation for over a decade with various national and multinational outfits. Geographically we are based in South Asia, but we offer worldwide service commitment through our valued partners and agents. At NPSAL, we are very proud of the professional and result oriented team members who acknowledge friendly, professional and efficient business cooperation.

Deepak Bhattarai
Jagat B. Khadka
Managing Director
Deepak Bhattarai

Manik Balami
Manager – Finance & Administration
Deepak Sundas
Cargo Sales Manager
Dolly Pathak
Manager – Operation & Customer Service

Prakash koirala
Relationship Manager
Indra Dev Lohanee
Marketing Manager
Deepak Khanal
Project Manager
Dadhi Raj lamsal
Warehouse Manager